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The Internet is full of details. Everyone read the articles according to their interests and got the details. The Internet is made up of billions of devices that are connected and share information around the world. 
Majority of people who do not know about the internet are divided into three categories. These are Surface web, Deep web and black web. So today we can discuss these three categories.
Surface web:
Surface web is the normal web which is visible for all users using the internet. The websites in the surface web are indexed by search engines. Google is the great example of a search engine. The user can open websites and gain information. But the interesting thing is that the surface web is only a 4% area of the internet that the users used. The internet is a bigger place. But the big amount of people don’t know.
Deep Web:
Deep web is a web secret that is invisible to the average user. A deep web contains a website or any page on a website that is not indexed by search engines. A user can only access it if they have someone authorized to access it and have permission such as (Url, username and password etc). Deep web is used to store personal information such as (Cloud storages, any personal organization data and military data etc.
Dark Web:
But now we can discuss about the most dangerous part of the internet which is called dark web or darknet. Dark Web is illegal to used. The all criminal activities are act upon on dark web. The criminal activities like drugs dealing, killing humans etc. The user can only access it if the user has Tor Browser. The Tor means The Onion Router. It can make a layers of many IPs and the user surf the internet anonymously. Many dark web websites are banned by Tor but the dark web is totally not cleared. So my decision is that don’t go on the dark web because it was illegal and I am not responsible for any bad thing.
The writing of this article is only for knowledge. I don’t promote illegal activities and I am not responsible for any illegal activity.

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