Why is there a controversy in India over the film to be made on Murali Dharan?

 Vijay Sethopati, the superstar of the Indian Tamil film industry, announced to play the lead role in the film '800' about the life of Murali Dharan, which caused a political controversy in India.

A local political party in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has demanded Vijay Sethopati not to play the role of Murali Dharan in the film, calling the act a betrayal of the Tamil cause.

Viko, a local leader and Rajya Sabha member, said Murali Dharan had supported the then Sri Lankan president during the war and called the missing persons protest a drama.

He said that the support given by the Indian Tamil actor to play the role of Murali Dharan in the film has disappointed the 'Tamil' nation all over the world and I request him not to act in the film.

On the other hand, Murali Dharan has also opened his mouth to the controversy and said that my statements have been misunderstood by Prasab, I understand the hardships of war and I have always condemned the killing of innocents and will always do so.

He added that being a Sri Lankan Tamil is his crime. When I was born in Sri Lanka, I tried to join the Sri Lankan team. If I had been born in India, I would have tried to be a part of the Indian cricket team. I have always been misunderstood in this regard.

Besides, actor Vijay Sethupati has also termed it an honor to play the role of Murali Dharan.

It may be recalled that the film '800' based on Murali Dharan is being produced by an Indian company and the first poster of the film has also been released. In this regard, the production company says that the film is not political but based on spots on which the objection is beyond comprehension.

It may be recalled that Murali Dharan is also currently participating in the Indian Premier League and is the bowling coach of Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Murali Dharan is the only bowler in the world to take 800 wickets in Test cricket while he has also taken 534 wickets in ODI cricket.

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