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What are Artificial intelligence which we call AI?  Will robots be doing jobs everywhere in the future? Where is our world going? You will find the answers to all these questions in this block. I will try to explain all these things to you in very simple words.

Allah Almighty has made man the noblest of creatures. Allah Almighty has given us all a very strong and sharp mind. Using this mind, human beings have invented such things that have made our world a marvel and artificial. Intelligence is also an important part of it but that's what it is.

Creating a machine-like ability in robots so that the machine can make its own decisions, the machine itself can do something new and solve all its own problems is called artificial intelligence. Let me give you an example that will make it easier for you to understand.

Friends, if we have to walk from one city to another, it takes us a lot of time. Then we have made a wheelbarrow machine for ourselves, whether it is a bicycle, a motorbike or a car, but now in the world. Self-driving cars have arrived that have no driver and these cars run on their own. These cars slowly collect the surrounding data inside them and use the sensors and readers inside them to decide the speed of the car. When to speed up or slow down, when to stop at signals and when to stop the car. Friends, this is all an artificial intelligence, ie you don't need a human to operate a machine. Friends are another example of this.

That when we play games we are often playing with the computer like (CHESS) chase we do our own trick and then the computer considers the trick and decides which trick it should do now. Friends, the machine now recognizes our faces. This technology is in our mobile phones. All these things are also a part of artificial intelligence, but all these things are not so simple. I will tell you some things that you Would be amazing for

When we talk about the artificial intelligence of the future, robots are an important part of it. Robots are being built rapidly. It is also said that in the future, robots will be citizens of their countries, they will even have passports. That 2025 will be replaced by pets. Pet robots will be brought into the world. These robots will not need to be cleaned like we clean our pets daily, nor will they need to be fed anything because they will be robots. These reports will be like a pet

The robot (SOPHIA) is very popular in the world at this moment. This robot was made by a Hong Kong company. This report also talks to people, but how does this robot answer people's questions? Over time, this robot surrounds itself. It collects existing data as it collects people's words. It collects people's words and understands their meaning and then answers them to their questions, i.e. this robot are improving with the passage of time friends. This report also remembers the faces of the people inside it, that is, when this report is received from this man again, he will recognize him.


Similarly, some time ago, a robot was made which they used to clean people's houses. This robot also washed the dishes. Those robots had not be ran by any human, but gradually these robots will start collecting new data inside them every day and then This is an artificial intelligence that will do all the housework itself.

Friends, it is very understandable that the artificial intelligence that is being used in the world at the moment, such as robots and automated vehicles to use the face lock for security, is still very useful for the world, but this is artificial. There are concerns about how we will use the intelligence in the future.

Friends, it is assume that in the next 15 years, millions of people will lose their jobs because robots will be working in their place. Robots will neither need to pay nor will they need rest. These robots work day and night. A robot will work for three people alone. Friends, there is no answer to what will happen to the millions of people who will become unemployed. They say that this is a very disturbing thing.

Another dangerous thing about artificial intelligence is that in the future there will be dangerous weapons that will kill people automatically; i.e. there will be no one to operate it. Friends, now there is no guarantee that this weapon will not kill innocent people.

Friends, some people even say that if this continues, there may be a war between robots and humans in the future because these robots will have the ability to think and understand and then they will rebel against humans.

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