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Friends, this universe is very big. Man has been trying to know this universe for years, but he still does not seem to understand even a small part of this universe. Friends, we live on this earth and we need this earth to be very big but in this universe, our earth is not even equal to a grain of salt. Friends, our universe is big as it has many hidden secrets, of which we don’t know even 0.001 percent. We have failed to know all these secrets. In today's block I will tell you a few things about this universe that you will never know before.

Here some interesting facts of space

Our solar system is 600 billion years old. At first there were only meteors in our solar system but then after a collision of gases explosion our planets began to form. Our mercury, earth and Jupiter are made up of meteorites whereas Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Pluto are formed of gases.

Pluto is a rocky planet and is located at the end of universe very end and we are still confused whether it is part of our solar system or not. For now, Pluto has not been put into a single Earth type. But Pluto has been placed in the category of small planets. There were thousands of other small planets in our universe.

Venus is a planet where very strong winds blow and the speed of these winds is 50 times faster than the speed of the rotation of Venus.

We all know that Pluto is small, but do you know that Pluto's diameter is less than the length of the United States and Pluto's surface is less than Russia's. Pluto is a small world.

Pluto may be a small planet but its planets also have springs and volcanoes but where burning lava comes out of the earth's volcanoes, frozen ice comes out of Pluto's volcanoes. Water is under pressure inside these volcanoes and when this pressure is too high, water comes out of the volcano in the form of ice.

There are 9 planets and one sun in our solar system. The sun is the leader of all these planets and all the planets revolve around it. Nine times bigger

Tell those who do not believe in aliens that there are 9 billion solar systems in this universe and our galaxy is the only galaxy in this universe but there are thousands of other galaxies that we cannot see with our own eyes. But there will be no life

The only planets are not necessarily the only planets to be moons.

Our oceans are so big that people from all over the world will come into it and there will still be space left, but there is an ocean in Jupiter in which our whole earth will come and still will save a lot of space in it. This ocean is not made of mud water but this ocean is made up of pure metal hydrogen and the depth of this ocean is twice that of our earth.

There are volcanoes under our earth and under the sea but the largest volcano in the solar system is on Mars. The length of this volcano is three times larger than Mount Everest

If two objects made of identical metals are found in a space, they cannot be separated and will be joined together forever. This process is called cold wedding and it is because the items of both things are two separate items. Cold wedding does not happen on earth because the items of both things know that they are two different things because there is air between them but this  is not in the air.

There is also a planet in the universe where 24/7 glass rain falls at a speed of 4300 miles per hour.

One day on 12 Venus is equal to 243 days.


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