Endangered animals soon to be extinct...

Endangered animal

Recent years have shown just what affects we have had on the planet when it comes to destroying rain forests or the ever rising ocean we seem to forget the impact it has on the animals that calls those places home. Today we are discussing the rarest engendered animals in the world.

South China Tiger

In the 1960 the south china tiger was over 4000 in population but over the next few decades they were considered pests because of this thousand of south china tigers were killed and hunted until the Chinese government banned hunted in 1979. By 1996 they

were considered to be 30-80 left in the wild as of today south china tigers haven't been seen in the wild in over 25 years. But that does don't mean they are extinct all together.

Thankfully there are still south china tigers in Zoos and in south Africa there were are plans to reintroduce captive-bread tigers back to the wild.

Sumatran Rhinos

The only Asians Rhinos with two horns,and covered in long body hair the Sumatran rhino is extremely engendered with only 200-275 Rhinos left in the wild, They are also extremely rare. The Sumatran Rhino is the smallest of the Rhinos family and lives in isolated pockets of forest in Malaysia and Indonesia. There population has been threatened due to poaching for their horns. The world wild life federation has not been able to stabilize the population because only 2 captive female have reproduced in the past 15 years.


The engendered species is so rare it was not even discovered until 1992. The saola is also called the Asian unicorn because it is rarely seen and is on the critically engendered mammal list little is actually known about the saola because it is so rare that its only been seen in the wild 4 times seen its discovered their population is threatened by hunting and the growing development of humans that fragmentize their environment

Amur leopard

There are onlyabout 60 Amur leopards left in the wild. They are of the rare and most engendered large wild cats. They can weight up to 120 pounds and can leap over 19 feet in the air. The Amur leopard can only be found in Amur River basin in eastern Russia, as they have gone extinct elsewhere. This wild cat faces many threats to its survival, such as climate change, poaching, and human encroachment.


Addas also known as white antelope or screw horn antelope are nearly extinct in the wild. The horns of adult male and female addas can reach length of 2.5 feet to nearly 4 feet long. There are only 3 addas left in the wild but there is hope for this engendered species. Private farm and zoo are doing their part in saving this species, as they are home to over 2000 addaxes around the world. The addaxes have experienced population loss in the wild due to Chinese oil instillation in northern Africa whose guard hunt and poach wild addaxes.

Wyoming toad

The Wyoming toad is so engendered it is actually now extinct in the wild. This little toad was actually real common in the US in the 1950 but began declining in number by the 1970.The Wyoming toad actually has very sensitive skin that makes it susceptible to death by many times such as its main killer chytrid fungus not only is it sensitive to disease. The Wyoming toad skin can’t handle climate or environment change which has been another reason for its extinction in the world.

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla are better known by their nickname silver-backs given to them because of their silver hair that grows on the backs of the adult males. They were discovered in 1902 and since they have been subject to uncontrolled hunting. War, diseases, capture for illegal pet trade, as well as destruction of its habitat. All of these factors have lead to only 880 mountain gorillas left in the wild today.The good news is the population has grown by over 250 in 30 years. Thanks to conservationists and is hoping to keep increasing

Hainan Gibbon

It was not that long ago that there was thousands of Hainan Gibbon in the wild. But now researches guess there are less than 25. The Hainan Gibbon are found on Hainan Island in China and thought it’s not uncommon for them to be hunted by natural predators. This is not for there recline. Like many of the animals on this list, The declined of their natural habitat has pushed this species to the edge of the extinction. They were also poaching for having medical properties used in Chinese medicine. They are now considered the world's most rare Apes, as well as the world's rarest mammal.

Pygmy three toed sloth

It’s crazy to believe one of the world's most beloved animals. The Pygmy three toed sloth is considered rare engendered through its adorable that does not mean it knows what’s its doing as far as survival goes. This bread of sloth is found on the small island near panama where only 79 left in the wild. The island does not have any human inhabitants but this species is still affected by poaching as they are not exactly considered the masters of escape. The Pygmy three toed sloth is listed as number 16 in the world's 100 most unique and imperiled mammals

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