Russian Sleep Experiment;
We realize that sleep is a critical necessity for us. We also know the consequences of getting without rest for couple of days. But what could happen if somebody went without rest for the whole month?
This story takes place in the test facility in the Russian in the 1940s during the World War 2 period. In the military-sanctioned technological research, one group of researchers put five governmental prisoners. Most likely high generals in the sealed gas chamber, where the airborne stimulate in continually administrated, with the intention of keeping these five prisoners awake for 30 days.
These prisoners are assured freedom if they end the experiment. These subjects act usually during the first time, talking to each other and whispering to the researcher through the one-way mirror. In this four- days mark, their conversations get the darker position. But after five days, they begin to complain about conditions and begin to establish serious paranoia. After nine days, one of the prisoner begins crying uncontrollably, pulling his vocal cord, and instead creates small squeaks.

Soul Measurement ;

Dumbkin  MacDonald performed an experiment in which they tried to measure the weight of a soul . It is very annoying to listen about this experiment but this is true. For this purpose they had selected those patients which were soon to die.
First scientists measured their weight when they were alive and then noted their weight after their death. So that they compared them. You all known that soul leaves the body when after the death. Scientists wanted to measure the weight of soul.

Scientist and their team measured the weight of those patients which were soon to die. First patient had one gram of difference in bodyweight. Second patient had 2 grams of difference in bodyweight. One patient was died during the experiment therefore his weight could not measured.
After the death of last patient when his weight was measured body weight decreased in terms of grams. But after three minutes later when his weight was measured it was noted that its weight was equal to his previous weight. Research it was revealed that this difference of body weight was due to excretion of gases
When government known about that experiment. Government decided to banned that experiment. This because it was against to human rights.

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